About us

Anabel Trading OOD has its head office and production facility in the city of Ruse. The Company’s principal business is its own production of foods.

Anabel Trading OOD operates a Facility for production of chips and packaging & labeling of raw chips, according to Registration certificate 101/199 issued on 13.03.2020 by the Regional Directorate for Food Safety.

The products we create and sell on the Bulgarian market are an interesting and unique alternative to conventional chips: they are natural products awakening the senses to the inimitable taste of fresh broccoli, carrying a harmonious combination of vitamins, minerals, and fibres, worthy of the connoisseurs of healthy vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free nutrition.

In addition, Anabel Trading OOD аalso provides consultancy support in various areas of law, economics and business management including assessments, applications, project management and execution, preparation of documents, representation, and communication with various institutions.

Basing on a dynamic, competent, highly experienced, motivated and responsible team, the Company continuously moves forward following its mission: to provide its clients with high-quality and ever-better products and services, building professionalism and trust, and striving for higher results and benefits, both for our Company’s team and for the clients and partners we work for.

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